Video Projects

The videos on this page have all been created by myself for personal use or for Gloucestershire Hospitals.

Trust Film 2016

Video Projects

I shot this video on a Sony FS7 mainly on a shoulder mount, a Sony A7s on a DJI Ronin gimble and some shots on a DJI Phantom 3 Drone. These two cameras combined allowed me to create the Trust's 2016 film for a public event. The use of slowmotion, SLOG3 and a full frame sensor allowed me to capture the Trust, over various days of filming, in an extremely unique way. This was an enjoyable project to edit using Premiere Pro CC and After Effects.

Infection Control Rap

Video Projects

The rap itself was an internal competition to promote Hand Hygiene in the Trust. The video was created with the winning rap to promote the campaign further.

Staff Awards night 2015

Video Projects

The video above is of the Trust’s Staff Awards from 2015. I created the video as a way of allowing staff who did not attend the awards get a feel for what it was like, but also for staff who did attend to remember the occasion. I shot the video on a Sony FS7 and used a shoulder mount for the majority and also a tripod. I then edited a quick video together in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and tried to incorporate a bit of everything from the evening.

Staff Awards Video

Video Projects

This is the main video for the Trust's internal staff awards from 2015. Over the course of 2 months I gathered the footage needed in partnership with the Trust's Communications Team including generic footage and interviews. I then edited the video in Adobe Premiere Pro and exported the video to suit the needs of the projector it would be displayed on and then for YouTube. ''

The video above was created for the purpose of being displayed at the staff awards. The subject of the video won the Trust’s poetry competition. I shot the video on a Sony FS7 ad recorded the resolution at 4K. This allowed me to capture incredible detail and also have more editing pathways in post production.

This video was created for my A Level Media Studies Coursework. The concept behind it was based mainly on performance. The performance was shot against a green screen and later edited in Final Cut Pro X. I had never worked with green screen before doing this video so a lot of extra research was involved with it. Once I understood how to make it look authentic in regards to lighting and set up, I ensured I had plenty of practice with editing in Final Cut before releasing the final version. I also created a video to demonstrate how I edited the green screen, recorded on my mac using Quicktime. This can be found on my YouTube channel. The purple coming through the performers was inspired by the Apple Music advert released in 2014 featuring U2.